Lowest Points (Below Sea Level)

Points Furtherst Below Sea Level

1 Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest surface point on the Asia Continent, at -409 m below sea level. It is also known as the saltiest sea in the world.

2 Lake Assal

Lake Assal of Africa is the third lowest surface point of the world, at -156 below sea level.

3 Death Valley

The lowest surface point in North America is Death Valley. Located in the Southwest United States (Southern California), it is -86 below sea level.

4 Valdes Peninsula

Located in South America, the Valdes Peninsula is -40 below sea level.

5 Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is -28 below sea level and is the sixth lowest surface point on the planet. It can be found in Europe.

6 Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre is the lowest surface point on the Australian Continent. It measures -16 below sea level.

7 Antarctica (ice covered)

Antarctica is technically the lowest surface point on earth, although it is ice covered: -2538 below sea level.

8 Great Victorian

The eighth largest desert in the world is the Great Victorian desert in Australia. It has an area of 250,000 sq miles (647,000.sq. km)