Wealthiest States

Wealthiest States

1 Connecticut

The richest U.S. State is Connecticut, with annual earnings of $58,908 per capita.

2 Massachusetts

The second richest state of America is Massachusetts. The average per capita income is $54,687.

3 New Jersey

With annual income of $53,628 per capita, the third richest U.S. State is New Jersey.

4 New York

New York has the fourth highest per capita income with an average income of $52,095 per capita.

5 Maryland

The fifth richest U.S. State is Maryland, with $51,971 per capita.

6 North Dakota

North Dakota is the first non-East Coast state to make this list. This Great Plains state has the sixth highest per captia income at $51,893.

7 Wyoming

The second non-East Coast state to make this list is Wyoming. It has the seventh highest average per capita income of $48,670.

8 Virginia

Back to the East Coast – Virginia is the eighth richest U.S. State, with income of $47,058 per capita.

9 New Hampshire

At $47,058, New Hampshire has the ninth highest annual income per capita in the United States.

10 Alaska

People may not think about Alaska as one of the highest earning states, but with an average per capita income of $46,778, this great wilderness has the tenth highest income of all US States.