Largest Religions

1 Christianity

Christianity is the largest religion on earth, and dates back 2,000 years. Christians believe that Jesus is a savior to humanity.

2 Islam

Islam is a monotheistic religion, and the second largest religion on earth with 1.5 billion followers. The foundational book is called the Qur’an.

3 Agnostic

Over 1 billion people identify with Agnosticism, making it the third largest religion. These followers believe that humans cannot comprehend the nature of God meaning that they do not believe or disbelieve in God.

4 Hindu

The fourth largest religion on earth is Hinduism – 1 billion followers. This religion combines many aspects of Indian culture and traditions.

5 Chinese Traditional

Chinese Popular Religion is shared by a wide variety of Chinese people, and is the fifth most popular religion on earth. Followers practice many forms of this religion, and there are 4 major concepts.

6 Buddhist

Buddhism is a religion based on the beliefs and theology of Gautama Buddha. With close to 400 million followers, it is the sixth largest religion on earth.

7 Indigenous Religions

There are 300 million people practicing an indigenous religion across the globe, making it the seventh largest form of religion on earth.

8 African Traditional

100 million people across Africa practice forms of traditional religion. This is the 8th most popular form of worship on earth.

9 Sikhism

From the Punjab region of India, Sikhism has over 25 million followers making it the 9th largest religion in the world.

10 Juche

Juche is the official ideology of the government of North Korea. With 20 million followers, it is the tenth largest religion on earth.